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Free Hormone Guide . . . answers 4 of the questions women ask most often about hormones for menopause

Are hormones safe?
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Where can I find them?
Will hormone replacement actually help?

For anyone who has considered hormone replacement or has questions about hormones, my simple, clear Hormone Guide can help.

I'm Steve Goldring, the Hormone Pharmacist. I've been helping menopausal women with their hormones for the last 25 years, providing easy-to-understand explanations, without all the technical jargon.



  • Looking to make an informed decision about hormones? Get started in just a few minutes!
  • Heard about the simple combination of 2 hormones that's Safe, Affordable, easy to Find, and Effective? Most people haven't because drug companies won't be making billions from them.
  • Why would anyone consider hormones? Exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes may help some women, but might not be enough for others. Nothing comes close to hormones in effectiveness.
  • If a doctor recommends hormone replacement, but you're just not sure, this is a great place to start.
  • Doesn't matter to me whether women take hormones or opt for something else. I just want to share some useful, practical hormone basics you'll never uncover with a Google search.
  • Hormone replacement is more affordable than you might think. Generic hormones start at around $30 a month!
  • ​Did you know that a basic combination of S.A.F.E. hormones is covered by nearly ALL insurance prescription plans?